Taking into consideration the importance of the health sector in the Kingdom, which is one of the first facilities to receive special care from our wise government, as the health services have included all regions of the Kingdom in addition to the university hospitals and hospitals affiliated to ministries other than the Ministry of Health, all them play an important role in the field of health and medical services, which led to an increase demand for the development and modernization of medical equipment and associated services of securing  specialized trained human maintenance crews and subcontracts and spare parts.

Al-Dowayan Company has seen to engage in investing in the field of maintenance and repair of medical equipment for hospitals and health centers in all of its specialties, by creating a specialized sector for medical maintenance. What encouraged it to take this step is the company’s qualifications and expertise that helps it to manage the activity with the knowledge and confidence and well-planned steps. The company has equipped this sector with administrative and specialized technical staffs.

Our services

Maintenance and repair of medical equipment through the following:

  • Providing scientifically and practically qualified human resources trained and certified by specialized, authorized parties.
  • Concluding subcontracts for specialized equipment contracts with hardware agents and specialized companies.
  • Securing spare parts for maintenance and medical equipment repair.
  • Providing and repairing specialized technical support computer software to manage work.